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Unleash Your Betting Potential with Unmatched Talent & Expertise

Our client is an online game software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange Market who offers cutting-edge value-added solutions to industry leading operators.


To launch a live sports betting project that would offer users a seamless and immersive experience. They relied on our expertise to provide exceptional customer experience (CX) and assemble a talented team capable of delivering outstanding results right from the start.

This holistic project encompassed real-time digital care, social media monitoring, voice channels, and fraud prevention services, creating a comprehensive and cross-functional endeavor.


  • Assemble a highly talented team proficient in managing interactions, answering questions, and providing expert betting advice.
  • Implement advanced analytics and monitoring tools to gain valuable user insights and generate daily reports.
  • Establish real-time monitoring and analysis systems to ensure comprehensive fraud prevention measures.


  • Less than 2% absenteeism by hiring the right talent.

  • A remarkable +17% increase in productivity.

  • An average handling time of just 300 seconds, delivering prompt resolutions.

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