Stress-o-Meter – AI Driven Customer Sentiment Analysis

Mastering Customer Engagement with Intelligent Emotion Detection

Stress-o-Meter, an AI/Cognitive asset from Atento, harnesses artificial intelligence to detect customer sentiment and manage stress in real-time. This innovative tool is adept at identifying emotional patterns in both voice and text interactions, enabling proactive customer service and enhanced satisfaction.

Voice Stress Analysis

Identifies stress patterns in audio files without needing transcription, suitable for large-scale, cost-effective application.

Text Sentiment Analysis

Utilizes AI to analyze text and créate context patterns, pinpointing stress indicators effectively.

Advanced Dashboards and Models

Provides comprehensive dashboards and propensity models for prioritized and proactive actions.

Stress-o-Meter screens customer interactions, identifying consumers with a high propensity to lodge complaints. It enables teams to proactively address stressed customers, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and reducing complaint rates.

Feedback loop for continuous improvement, employs historical data to refine and improve the model’s parameters, ensuring ongoing accuracy and effectiveness. Backed by a team of data scientists dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the solution, ensuring it remains cutting-edge and industry-specific.


AI/Cognitive Stressometer for Better CX

Leveraging cutting-edge AI to pinpoint dissatisfied consumers, averting regulatory complaints and amplifying customer satisfaction.
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