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Elevating Social Media Engagement for Brand Enthusiasts

Optimizing Social Media Interactions for Consumer Goods Brands


  • Enhance and diversify engagement across Unilever brand’s social platforms.
  • Aim for consistent tone and voice across various channels.
  • Elevate efficiency in monitoring digital media interactions.


  • Implement a distinctive recruitment process, grounded on Atento’s specialized study, targeting ideal profiles on both  traditional and digital service.
  • Agile and effective social media monitoring coupled with enhanced data analytics capabilities.
  • Concentrated studies, aimed at refining social media strategies and deriving business insights.
  • Prompt dialogues emphasizing engagement quality. 


  • Deployment of the Keepcon semantic technology platform for automated categorization and classification of posts.  
  • Teams adept at multi-channel management, prioritizing a non-scripted, standardized communication approach.
  • Engagement seamlessly integrated with marketing strategies, aiming at generating


  • The brand’s social media platform observed a positive rating average between 89% and 91%.
  • The set monthly target was 85%, but the achievement averaged an impressive 89% in the given period.
  • Noteworthy bot efficiency, with 18% of all mentions being automatically addressed.
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