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CX at the level of big companies now available for startups

Frost & Sullivan explains the growing importance of CX for startups and how Atento’s Flexible CX solution can help them.

CX at the level of big companies now available for startups

Frost & Sullivan explains the growing importance of CX for startups and how Atento’s Flexible CX solution can help them.

Five Customer Experience Mandates in the Financial Services Industry

An elevated customer experience (CX) is one of the most strategic endeavors financial services firms can embrace. Satisfied customers spend more, churn less, share recommendations, and are often cheaper to serve.1 However, financial services firms face a quandary surrounding CX....

Now We’re Talking: Multilingual hubs deliver world-class Customer Experience

How can brands provide world-class, localized customer experience to their customers throughout Europe? One fundamental way is to create a multilingual customer contact hub that speaks each customer’s language. Doing so demonstrably builds loyalty and brand engagement. ...

Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Contact Center

Companies outsource many tasks — including customer contact center operations. Usually, the primary driver behind the decision to outsource is cost savings. While minimizing costs is obviously important, companies must be extremely careful not to sacrifice customer experience (CX) goals for the sake of controlling costs. If a call center service offers you the lowest rate but cannot speak your customers’ languages or act as your brand’s ambassador, the move could prove costly and detrimental to your reputation...

Double your sales with Rocket Sales

BPOs can offer more than customer experience. Nowadays, they can combine digital and traditional sales channels with the power of Data Science to increase sales. Atento has developed a modular end-to-end digital sales solution that goes across the complete customer journey and can double your conversion rates. We focus on digital marketing and lead generation support, including database enrichment and prospect pipeline functions....

Retail & Ecommerce: Customer Experience Matters

The retail industry saw both its largest decline and fastest recovery in 2020. While such tremendous resilience is admirable, the retail landscape is forever altered. The pandemic changed the way Americans shop by accelerating the growth of online sales....

Reengaging travelers with the world

It’s hard to imagine another industry (save healthcare) that felt the impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic more acutely than the travel and hospitality industry. Seemingly overnight, business and personal travel came to a screeching halt. It didn’t help that one of first and most public outbreaks of the crisis happened on a cruise ship....

Resilience in the Time of Ransomware

A ransomware attack is one of the most difficult scenarios facing companies today. It not only puts the organization’s business continuity processes to the test but also creates a stressful scenario that goes beyond cybersecurity and technology, creating a need for action lines and decision-making processes that have rarely been tested so forcefully. ...

Sentiment analysis boosts digital voice

The digital live voice interaction is a unique opportunity to get deeper insights from your customers, including learnings of what upsets and amuses each of them, and therefore boosting brand loyalty while reducing churn....
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